Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Domestic Battery Case

Domestic Battery Charges Houston
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In a study, prosecuted domestic assault defendants had a 98% conviction rate compared to 87% of non-domestic defendants. Domestic battery charges often lead to serious legal ramifications. Restraining orders also are often issued by the accusing parties.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is time to consider legal action. This is not a traffic ticket that can be paid off. Instead, a domestic charge such as this requires help.

Domestic charges differ by each state, but regardless of location, an expert should be used to protect your interests.

For more information on why you need to hire a lawyer for a domestic case, read on.

1. Conviction

In 2012, conviction rates were high for domestic battery cases at 73% compared to 69% in 2007-08. The odds are stacked in the opposite corner, especially regarding domestic assault charges.

However, arrests do not always lead to a conviction.

Hiring a lawyer presents you with multiple scenarios for the charge to be dismissed or even reduced. The law is complicated; a solid case can quickly fall apart without the help of an expert defense attorney.

2. Costs

Not hiring a lawyer for your domestic battery case may cost you more in the long run. Once you’re arrested, chances are you have already had to post bail.

On top of that, a conviction can require fines to be paid off, depending on the state and severity of the charge.

Hiring a lawyer can help to offset costs by reducing a charge or even forcing the case to be dismissed altogether. This is especially helpful for future moneymaking endeavors, as finding a job as a convicted domestic felon can be extremely tough.

3. Settlements or Plea Bargains

Experienced domestic battery experts have likely seen and dealt with cases such as yours before. Sometimes, a settlement or a plea bargain will be your best resolution to end a domestic dispute.

A settlement or plea bargain may not appear to be the favorable outcome, but it may just turn out to be your choice for the necessary outcome.

Settlements have to be negotiated with the opposing party – something that may be tough to handle on your own. Luckily, a defense attorney is looking out for your best interests and can provide you with the favorable outcome.

4. Procedures

As stated previously, the law is complicated, and it may be extremely difficult to take care of certain tasks. If you are not a lawyer, not filing the right paperwork or not completing it before a deadline can have serious repercussions. Or, even worse, you may fail to challenge evidence presented against you, leading to a damaging prosecution.

A simple mistake may derail your entire case, or have it thrown out against your favor. Hiring an attorney helps to alleviate the stress of handling legal procedures on your own.

Domestic Battery Attorneys and You

When charges are made against you, one of the first things you should act upon is finding a law firm that can represent you effectively.

Doing so will help alleviate the stress of following strict law procedures, and ensure that you do not suffer the large costs if convicted. Expert attorneys can help build your defense and reduce sentences or have charges dismissed.

If you are in need of a criminal or personal injury law firm to represent you, be sure to contact us today!