What Are the Causes of Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence Charges
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Each day, almost three women get murdered by their partner or spouse.

While often hidden behind closed doors, domestic violence isn’t nearly as uncommon as we would like it to be. In fact, three in five Americans know a person who has experienced domestic violence of some kind.

Are you curious about the root causes of domestic violence? Let’s look at how certain individuals get to a point where they end up harming their loved ones.

Learned Behavior from Childhood

Studies show that a child’s aggressiveness is heavily influenced by their parents.

The behavior that children witness at home while growing up has a significant impact on what they’ll perceive as normal behavior. And the research backs this idea. Young boys who see violence in the home are two times as likely to abuse their partner or spouse later in life.

Mental Health Issues

People with mental health issues are more likely to experience domestic violence. However, many abusers deal with depression too.

Other mental issues could contribute to abuse as well.

Those suffering from bipolar disorder, for example, will often swing from one extreme emotion to another. During a mood shift, they may experience increased aggression and irritability.

Furthermore, some individuals with Alzheimer’s randomly lash out violently at friends and family. They may do so out of anger, fear, or both.

Struggles with Self-Esteem

One of the most often-overlooked causes of domestic violence is low self-esteem. Contrary to popular belief, not every abuser perceives themselves as superior to others. Feelings of insecurity can lead to abusive behavior as well.

In some cases, the abuser may fear that their partner will leave them because they aren’t good enough. The abuser then resorts to violence in order to get the victim to fear them. When the victim tries to leave the relationship, the abuser may threaten to escalate the violence even further.

This is a common strategy that involves manipulating the victim to gain control over a situation.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Most alcohol and drug users don’t abuse their partners. Also, many abusers are completely sober when they commit violent acts. But a recent study found that heavy drinking doubles the risk of domestic violence.

Substances like alcohol and drugs impair people’s judgment and lower their inhibition. In a heated domestic conflict, this can lead to a harsh outcome.

Final Thoughts on the Causes of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a widespread issue in this country, and it’s often swept under the rug. But false allegations are a lot more common than people think. Keep in mind that they can destroy innocent lives too.

It’s also important to consider that not everyone who has these characteristics ends up becoming an abuser. Many adults who saw abuse as children have very healthy relationships. The same goes for people with mental illnesses.

Are you currently dealing with domestic violence accusations? If you’re looking for a domestic violence defense attorney in the Houston area, be sure to schedule a consultation with us today.