Product Liability

Defective and/or dangerous products cause thousands of debilitating injuries every year. Not to mention many people die due to incurable side effects. What is sad is that a majority of manufacturers place heavy emphasis on making profits. They aren’t concerned about consumer safety. Therefore, it is important that you get in touch with professional products liability lawyers in Texas if you are a victim of defective products and have spent thousands of dollars on medical treatments and punitive damages. You need to consult a lawyer to file a products liability claim.

On top of that, you have to understand that the consistently and frequently changing legislatures and regulatory laws governing product safety focus on protecting the manufacturers. These laws help manufacturers steer clear of being held responsible for dangerous products.

This is all the more reason why you need to arm yourself with the best possible representation in the form of an expert and reliable products liability claim lawyer in Texas. Nothing is more important than to understand the extent of your rights to claim compensation. A professional legal team in Texas can help you and guide you understanding the nature of your claim.

Possible Causes/Types of Product Liability

  • Attic ladders
  • Propane tanks
  • Ladders
  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire alarms
  • Nail guns
  • Tire blowouts
  • Defective gas tank
  • Defective recreational equipment
  • Car seat heater burns

In all of the aforementioned product liability causes, there are numerous things to consider when you make your claim. Remember that many of these situations involve retailers, product designers and manufacturers. In some circumstance you need to get in contact with big companies, which is difficult. This is why you need the best attorney to represent your case.

Types of Cases Product Liability Compensation Envelope

Product liability cases entail numerous different types of compensations. This is why it is paramount that you go through each and every aspect of your case with a products liability lawyer in Texas. This is to ensure all damages sustained have been clearly accounted for. In light of this, mentioned below are some of the most common damages in products liability claims:

  • Lost wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Bills paid in other damages
  • Trauma/Stress
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement

If you feel you have a genuine products liability claim, contact the Law Firm of Aaron W. Perry, PLLC. We are ready and armed to fight for you and get you what you deserve.