Looking For the Right Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Child

Houston criminal defense attorney
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When a teenager or child is arrested in Texas, it is upon the parent to look for the best criminal defense attorney. Even though most parents feel the need to do anything and everything for their children, they cannot represent them in court, unless of course, they are defense lawyers themselves. The best thing a parent can do in a criminal case is hiring of the best attorneys in Houston to defend their child. Below are a few tips to be considered.

Hire a private criminal defense attorney

Public defenders are good at what they do and they are hard working. However, they are also always overworked and usually underpaid. They are there to help people who cannot afford to pay attorney fees, which means they normally have huge case loads and are prompted to work for long hours. This means that they rarely give each case the kind of attention needed for a criminal charge.

If you can afford it, hire an excellent private attorney for your child because it will be with it in the end. Criminal convictions, especially felonies can haunt a defendant all their lives and hiring an experienced competent lawyer will prevent your child from such a future.

Hire an attorney that specializes in criminal defense

During the search, look for attorneys in Houston that specialize in criminal defense. Criminal charges are very serious and not just in Houston and the law seems to keep changing by the day. Hire an attorney who is aware of all the nuances of criminal laws and one who practices criminal law on a daily basis.

Pick an attorney with higher experience

The more experience an attorney has in criminal defense, the better for the case. More years in the industry means more experience in jury trials and better relationships with prosecutors and judges. Do not, under any circumstances hire a newer attorney, not even if they charge very low. Especially if they charge very low, they will be trying to gather the experience at your child’s expense.

Hire a trial attorney

If possible, hire a trial attorney because they are some of the best when it comes to criminal cases. They are not only knowledgeable about the law but they are fearless, respected, quick thinkers, hard workers and very persuasive.

Look for a certified specialist 

One of the best ways to get a top notch attorney is by looking for those who are certified specialists in criminal law. Only the experienced, well trained attorneys become certified specialists. Certified specialists are the lawyers who have wide experience in criminal cases, have passed criminal law examinations, and keep up with all the changes and developments of criminal laws.


For your child, you need to do whatever it takes to protect them. If you can find a lawyer with juvenile justice experience, they will help with the case. Once you hire an attorney, ensure that the one you initially talk to and agree with is the one who handles the case to the end. The law firm of Aaron W. Perry has extensive knowledge and experience in working within the juvenile court system. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your case.