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Weapons Possession

A Guide to Unlawful Firearms Possession Charges

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Although Texas has liberal open carry laws, the state prohibits citizens from carrying a gun if they’ve been convicted of a violent felony like robbery, murder or aggravated assault. The state also forbids firearm ownership for those under domestic violence protection orders. Things to Know About Prohibited Possession of a Firearm A person is not […]

Weapons Possession Cases

Do You Know The Weapons Laws In Texas?

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The state of Texas has a reputation for being hard on crime. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the state has tough weapons laws. Anyone who owns a weapon and plans to carry it should learn the appropriate law. Basic Weapons Laws In Texas Serious charges include illegally possessing and carrying a weapon. The […]

DWI Texas

DWI Expungement: How to Get Your DWI Criminal Record Cleared

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Criminal history background checkups have become a part of life and it is always carried out when a person applies for a job, mortgage or when they want to live in an apartment complex. If this is something that is constantly worrying you because you have a DWI record, there could be a solution or […]

Drug Possession

Drug Possession: What You Should Not Do If Being Arrested

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Being pulled over by an officer of the law could be a nerve wrecking experience. However, what would be even worse than that is being arrested on the suspicion of drug possession, especially in Texas. Texas has very strict drug possession laws and for a conviction of possession, you could be facing jail time, fines, […]