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domestic battery

Why You Need a Lawyer for Your Domestic Battery Case

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In a study, prosecuted domestic assault defendants had a 98% conviction rate compared to 87% of non-domestic defendants. Domestic battery charges often lead to serious legal ramifications. Restraining orders also are often issued by the accusing parties. If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is time to consider legal action. This is not a traffic […]

causes of domestic violence

What Are the Causes of Domestic Violence?

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Each day, almost three women get murdered by their partner or spouse. While often hidden behind closed doors, domestic violence isn’t nearly as uncommon as we would like it to be. In fact, three in five Americans know a person who has experienced domestic violence of some kind. Are you curious about the root causes of domestic violence? Let’s […]

vehicle accident

The First 5 Things to Do After a Motor Vehicle Accident

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The average driver in the United States files a collision claim every 18 years. This means that even if you’re a great driver, it’s very likely you’ll encounter at least one motor vehicle accident during your lifetime. So you need to know how to manage the situation properly to avoid any additional issues when it occurs. […]

Drug Charges

4 Actions You Must Take When Facing Drug Charges

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Are you or someone you love facing possible drug charges? Not sure what steps you should take? If you’re up against these type of charges, it’s important to take immediate action. Follow our quick and easy guide to ensure you’re in the best position to face them. Hire an Attorney Your very first course of […]

Theft Charges

Theft Charges: The Different Types and Penalties

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Theft is usually a broad charge and it includes different offences that go from shoplifting to lancer, bouncing checks and buying stolen items. The punishments for theft in Houston, Texas depend on the value of the items, which can be a mere fine to a serious punishment in form of prison time when the case […]