Do You Know The Weapons Laws In Texas?

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The state of Texas has a reputation for being hard on crime. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the state has tough weapons laws. Anyone who owns a weapon and plans to carry it should learn the appropriate law.

Basic Weapons Laws In Texas

Serious charges include illegally possessing and carrying a weapon. The law is clear that weapons include clubs, certain knives and guns. Illegal knives are those with a blade longer than 5 1/2 inches, Bowie knives, swords and spears. Additionally, a concealed handgun license is needed to carry any weapon.

Violating this law is a misdemeanor unless the gun is carried into a school, bar, court or race track. Further, there are laws regarding weapons and polling sites. Carrying a weapon into these places is a serious felony.

Those accused of violations should consult Houston lawyer Aaron Perry. Make sure your rights are protected.

Not All Guns Are Legal

It is against the law in Texas to possess machine guns and zip guns. Likewise, it is illegal to own rifles with barrels less than 16 inches and shotguns with barrels less than 18 inches. If you are not sure whether a weapon is legal, check with a lawyer.

Be Careful How The Gun Is Used

Serious charges also arise from illegally discharging a weapon. Firing a gun in public is against the law except for cases of self-defense. Moreover, it is against the law to use a weapon while committing a violent crime. This is a major felony offense. On the other hand, those accused of using a weapon during a non-violent crime face lesser penalties.

Persons with a criminal record need to make sure they do not violate the law. For example, those convicted of domestic violence or a felony cannot possess a firearm for five years after they get out of prison. Afterwards, they can only have a gun at home. Convicted felons who violate this law face a third-degree felony charge.

There have been several major incidents in the U.S. involving the illegal possession and use of guns. That is why Texas and other states come down hard on violators.