I Discovered My Prescription Caused My Medical Problems; Who Is Responsible?

pharmaceutical injuries
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If you have discovered that a prescribed pharmaceutical has led to your medical problems, you are probably wondering who is responsible for your resulting injuries and damages. To determine pharmaceutical liability, you must discover how and why your prescription caused the medical problems and injuries you experienced.

Pharmaceutical injuries attorney Aaron W. Perry knows that pharmaceutical errors are a significant problem in the United States. When those errors lead to patient injuries, responsible parties in the medical industry should be held accountable. If you have suffered prescription error injuries, we can help you discover the cause of your injuries and all parties who may bear responsibility.

Pharmaceutical Injury Investigation

Whether or not you know how your prescription caused your injuries, your pharmaceutical liability claim will begin with an investigation. During an investigation, we interview witnesses, request medical records, consult with medical experts when necessary, and collect evidence that will help prove liability.

Medical professionals, pharmacists, drug manufacturers, and medical facilities are rarely forthcoming with helpful information when a patient has been injured. This is why a thorough and aggressive investigation is a critical element of proving your claim. After determining why your prescription caused your medical problems, issues of liability become much more apparent.

Drug Manufacturer Liability

Pharmaceutical companies are into making big money, and unfortunately, companies often place a higher priority on profits than they place on patient safety. Drug companies may be liable for failing to carry out appropriate drug testing and research to ensure the safety of their product prior to distributing it for use in the medical industry.

They may also be liable for concealing known drug dangers and potential harm to patients so that they could continue to profit from the drug. Drug manufacturers are responsible for medication labels and warnings. When pharmaceuticals are mislabeled, or they do not contain appropriate warnings of dangers such as drug interactions and side effects, patients can sustain serious injuries.

Pharmacist Liability

Pharmacists and pharmacy facilities may be liable when negligence, poor supervision, and poor management lead to drug injuries. For example, a pharmacist may be liable for providing the wrong dosage of medicine or filling a prescription with the wrong medication. They may also face liability for providing incorrect instructions for use and failing to warn patients about drug dangers and side effects.

Under Texas law, pharmacists are required to provide face to face patient consultations for new prescriptions. If they fail to provide consultations required by law, they may be responsible for any resulting drug injuries. Pharmacy techs may handle medication, but pharmacists must supervise techs working under their direction.

Prescribing Physicians

Prescribing physicians are responsible for diagnosing patients and prescribing appropriate medications for their conditions. In addition to diagnosing and prescribing medicine, physicians should review a patient’s medical history to make sure that the patient does not have allergies or other conditions that would interfere with the prescribed medication.

They may also be liable for failing to take into account other medications that the patient is on when prescribing medication. Other types of pharmaceutical errors include prescribing medication that is not appropriate for the patient’s condition, failing to prescribe the correct dosage, and failing to get the patient’s fully informed consent.

Hospital Administration And Monitoring Liability

Pharmaceutical errors are not uncommon in hospitals. Those errors are typically caused by negligent administration and monitoring. Errors in hospitals are also caused by poor communication between prescribing physicians and nurses administering the medication. Hospitals contain large quantities of pharmaceuticals, and negligent pharmacy management within a hospital can also lead to medication errors.

Injuries Caused By Pharmaceuticals

Prescription drugs can cause many different types of medical injuries, including the following:

  • Loss of pregnancy
  • Birth defects
  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Death
  • Organ damage
  • Excessive bleeding
  • Depression

Compensation For Drug Injuries

When you suffer pharmaceutical injuries caused by someone else’s fault, you deserve to be compensated for your injuries and damages. Depending on the severity and type of injuries sustained, your compensation may include past and future medical expenses, lost income, loss of future income, pain and suffering, and emotional distress.

Pharmaceutical Liability Attorney

If you have sustained prescription medication injuries, contact Houston pharmaceutical liability attorney Aaron W. Perry to schedule a consultation. We will go over the facts of your case, injuries sustained, and potential recovery options.

Call our office at 713-393-7788 or contact us online, and we will get in touch with you. Follow us on Facebook for additional information and updates about our law firm and the types of cases that we handle.