Finding The Right Houston Law Firm For You

Houston criminal defense law firm
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There are numerous Houston law firms and every criminal defense law firm has attorneys that bring different strengths to the table in order to defend their clients. Despite the fact that all attorneys work to the best interest of their clients, not all of them are created equal.

As a matter of fact, some lawyers are terrible and could do more harm than good to your case. How do you then, determine whether a law firm can actually handle your criminal case and do it in the most professional manner possible? Below are some of the warning signs you need to watch out for so you can steer clear of situations that are likely to do more damage to your case.

They offer discounted prices or below cost services

When a Houston law firm or any law firm in any other state for that matter offers you low rates, be wary of them. Retainers commensurate with skill level. Try to avoid defense attorneys offering such rates because it will be more likely they have no courtroom experience, which is what you need against a criminal case. If the attorney makes any mistakes, you will be the one to pay the price, not them.

This is not to say that the more expensive the better. This is to say that price should not be your determining factor. When you grasp the magnitude of losing your freedom, you will do what it takes to defend it and if that means you need to pay expensive fees for a competent attorney, do it.

The attorney associated with the firm has a rude attitude towards clients

Simply put, criminal defense is a service industry. Every attorney has legal obligations to mount rigorous defenses on behalf of their clients. This requires that both parties communicate and if the attorney is rude on the phone or during the consultation, they will be rude until the end. If an attorney cannot view you as a person and treats you with disrespect because you are accused of a crime, they have no business representing you.

Have too good reviews on their website

When searching a professional Houston law firm, you will come across numerous directories and websites offering information about law firms, including reviews. Don’t let the reviews be the determining factor of hiring a law firm because most reviews are usually posted by either family members or marketing agencies to make the law firm look good. If they appear too good, it’s probably fabricated.

Inquire about the possible defenses for your case

Once you provide the attorney with a thorough explanation of your case, they should be able to tell the defenses most viable to it. This will be your way of assessing their skill set and experience. If their response is vague, they will be counting on you to plead guilty. If they claim to have special relationships with the prosecutors and judges who could help your case, leave their firm, immediately.

If they give you guarantee

No attorney can guarantee an outcome of a case and if they do, forget them. As a matter of fact, it is a violation to make such promises and such guarantee is considered fraud. Professional and competent attorneys will be straight forward with you and offer you honest opinions of what could be expected, within reason.


Regardless of the kind of charges you are facing from DWI to drug cases, you need to find a Houston law firm with competent lawyers who will give it their all in order to win your case or minimize the penalties as much as possible.