Facing Drug Charges? Choosing The Right Attorney Is Crucial To Your Case

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Are you, a friend, or someone you know facing drug charges? Then it’s important for everyone to know that law surrounding controlled substances and illegal drugs can be complex in the State of Texas. Houston is particularly well known for being especially tough on drug-related crimes.

In fact, Texas Department of Public Safety statistics has revealed that around 89% of all arrests made in Texas in 2009 were related to drug charges, with nearly half being related to user-level marijuana possession. If you have been charged with a case of possession or delivery, in the federal or state court, you must have an expert drug crime lawyer like us fighting by your side.

Why do I need a lawyer if facing a drug charge?

In the state of Texas, you could be booked with a felony or a misdemeanor based on the amount of drugs and the type the law enforcement officer says you have. Usually, small amounts of prescription drugs and unlawful possession of marijuana leads to misdemeanors but is considered as a felony when they’re found in greater quantities. Possession of other banned substances like heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and methamphetamines are felonies in every amount.

A felony drug charge for the possession of illegal substances can range from 180 days to life in prison, and also a fine of up to $ 100,000. Smaller and medium level cases investigated by sheriff’s offices, local police departments, and the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) usually lead to charges filed in the state court and consequent prosecution by the office of DA.

Cases related to a larger amount of narcotics (25 kg or above) are investigated by the FBI or DEA. This usually lands in federal court and face prosecution by the United States attorney’s office. Many drug cases also come with accusations of tampering of physical evidence, money laundering, and other civil lawsuits, in which the government tries to take all your money or other assets just so you’re accused of being involved in drug-related charges.

What can I do if I’m charged with a drug-related crime?

If you’re accused of a drug-related crime in the State of Texas or federal court, you have the liberty to obtain many ways to get defense against the government. First, the prosecutor has to prove what they found they say you had in possession is an illegal substance. There are even substances found on the streets or sold in over-the-counter stores, which forbidden by law to possess.

Second, the responsibility of proving that you intentionally and with full knowledge possessed the drugs falls on the prosecutor. The burden of proof falls on the government to convince the jury or judge that the drugs were under your custody or control.

Thirdly, the agent officer who arrested you and found the drugs had to follow a serious set of conduct. If by any chance the government has violated your rights, they cannot make use of any evidence collected in court even if you are guilty. So, you can probably understand that the law is not entirely on the government’s side. However, to put forth these points and get representation in court, you need the help of a professional drug charges attorney in Houston.

How can we help?

If you or someone you know is facing drug charges, then you must know that winning the case begins with hiring a reputed and well-experienced drug lawyer. With many years of experience, our drug crime lawyers can guide you all the way through the complicated legal hoops of Texas law and offer advice and solutions every step of the way. Our attorneys will dive into your case and examine the best possible way to continue with your defense.

As you may or may not know, drug charges may include a search or arrest warrant, or sometimes even both. An experienced drug charges lawyer ought to have great knowledge in this field to protect your rights in the court of law. Sometimes, the police even do not follow correct procedures during the investigation or at the time of arresting the accused.

Once you have asked by your side, we’ll make sure to bring any possible breach of conduct and abuse of authority in the limelight so that your rights never go violated. If for any reason the law enforcement didn’t follow their code of conduct and breached constitutional or statutory rights, our expert team of lawyers can execute a Motion to Suppress the Evidence Hearing.

As a result, the judge may dismiss all the evidence collected against you, leaving the government with no case to pursue. Let’s say the judge does not throw away the evidence, then also the jury may pass the verdict of you being NOT GUILTY if for any reason they believe the law enforcement authorities violated your rights.

Other consequences of drug charges in Houston, TX

Conviction and sentencing for the possession of narcotics in Texas can have unintended and far-reaching consequences. From losing driver’s license to being denied loans for student delegation or otherwise that are federally insured can make it tough for you to rent a property to live or get gainful employment.

You could even spend a considerable amount of time in prison or jail, mandatory rehab, be subject to fines, or forced to do extensive community service, and face extensive probation. Then there is always the stigma of being involved in drug charges that never seems to go away. Basically, you could lose your family and normal life over drug charges in Texas.

Contact us now

Do not allow your future and happiness to be taken away. Get in touch with us now and let us defend you in court with every available resource in our possession. We are experienced in federal and state drug laws and are fully aware of what a poor outcome could mean for many years to come.

We don’t stop at acquittal or dismissal of your drug charges; we work towards having your case expunged so that you don’t spend the good years of your life sad, confused, and anxious whether the arrest will cost you the job and life of your dreams. Time is of the essence here, so hire us now and let us advocate tirelessly on your behalf.