Being Charged With A DWI In Texas

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A criminal DWI (driving while intoxicated) charge is taken very seriously in the State of Texas and can lead to serious consequences. DWI in Houston is considered as a serious crime that can lead to punishments including, loss of employment, loss or suspension of your driver’s license, family strife, extended community service, and total loss of freedom.

If you or anybody you know has been booked for the offense of driving under the influence, it’s important not to waste any time and get in touch with a DWI attorney immediately. We take this matter seriously and can provide the best possible outcome depending on the circumstances.

Why hire a DWI lawyer in Houston?

If you’ve been booked for driving under the influence, then you’ll probably be put under house arrest. But don’t get too comfortable because DWI arrest can and will probably be only the beginning of a lengthy legal process. While it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be put in jail, you may have to pay a heavy fine or lose your driving privileges. This is why you have to know how to steer your way towards a positive outcome.

A criminal law firm that deals with DWI cases can be of immense help in this scenario as they will fight tooth and nail to protect your rights. We have the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that your rights are protected and you get the best chance to come out of the case with the best possible outcome. All you have to do is give us a call and book an appointment; we’ll take care of the rest.

When can I be charged with DWI?

Believe it or not, you can be charged with this offense if your BAC (blood alcohol content) is not even about the stipulated legal limit of 0.8. If the law enforcement officer can prove by any means that you were impaired for any reason, these observations can lead to you being stopped and arrested. Some of the reasons why an officer can arrest you are the following:

• Making a turn too narrowly or widely

• Straddling the center line are using two lanes

• Almost hitting something or someone

• Drifting or weaving from one side to another side of the road

• Being overly cautious and driving at a speed slower than the required minimum limit

• Driving on the center lines

• Driving too close to the vehicle that’s in front of you

• Swerving suddenly to correct course of your vehicle

• For erratic breaking patterns

As you can understand, there are plenty of reasons a law enforcement officer may book you for driving under the influence, and they necessarily don’t have to be you being intoxicated at all.

What legal punishments can I face?

If you are arrested for DWI in Houston, you may receive a license suspension ranging from 90 days to up to 2 years. If you are a driver by profession and drive commercial vehicles, failure or refusal of a breath test can result in an automatic disqualification of your commercial driver’s license. The arresting officer may confiscate your driver’s license and issue a temporary permit along with a Notice of Suspension.

If by any chance you do not request a hearing to contest the suspension within 15 days, your license will be automatically suspended further for 40 days after the arrest. This is step two in the process, which serves as a clear indicator of how important it is to grasp the implications that take place at every turn.

The loss of your license can impact your family, work, and overall life quality. If for any reason you enter a guilty plea or do not contest the charges, the fees and expenses incurred in the lead the legal proceedings can reach well over $ 10,000. Of course, there’s also the loss of time, energy, and money involved in taking alternative transportation to go anywhere.

Having or not having a DWI lawyer to defend your case can mean the difference between loss of driver’s license and the possibility of having the charges dropped. It is also possible that the judge may impose harsh fine, extended probation, intense community service, etc. So, it’s crucial that you take DWI charges seriously and work towards getting acquitted with the help of a professional.

How can we help you?

We understand that these legal proceedings may be difficult for you to understand, especially amidst such stress, confusion, and emotional trauma a DWI charge can cause. Our professional lawyers take pride in the fact that they have handled hundreds of these cases successfully, and are confident to be able to guide you every step along the way.

We will make certain that all the administrative procedures were followed to the very last detail and all evidence collected has been processed accurately. We’ll also get in touch with the District Attorney’s Office to review the validity of your case and discuss alternative options that may be available. These are the task that you cannot simply do yourself, but a professional DWI lawyer with intensive experience can do successfully.

We’ll make sure your rights are not breached, you understand what’s happening in the proceedings, and what to expect in the future. We’ll also be your friend and counselor to steer you through this challenging and sometimes a lengthy journey. We have the necessary experience and extensive training in this field to help you navigate the DWI legal process successfully.

Give us a call now!

It’s not every day that one may get booked for driving under the influence, but it may lead to disastrous consequences whenever it happens. Our law firm understands the legal process and is familiar with the workings of the court in Houston. We put the need to protect your right as a priority and strive relentlessly to make sure you get justice.

Moreover, our legal fees are very nominal and according to the local Houston standards. We have a reputation for being aggressive, outspoken, and professional in our conduct and have won many cases for our clients. If you’re ever in need of DWI representation, give us a call and we’ll solve this problem for you and help you move forward in life.