Don’t Let Your Holiday Celebrations Lead To A DWI

DWI in Texas
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Many of us will close out 2019 with holiday festivities, celebrations, and parties. Alcohol consumption typically increases over the holiday season, and unfortunately, the number of DWI charges and accidents increase as well.

At the Houston Law Firm of Aaron W. Perry, we want to remind you that drinking and driving is not a risk worth taking. Whether you are going to a work party, a New Years’ Eve event, or any other type of celebration with alcohol, you can stay safe and avoid a DWI in Texas by being smart.

Staying Safe And Being Smart

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, someone is hurt or killed every 20 minutes in Texas as a result of an alcohol-related motor vehicle accident. Drinking and driving can be avoided, however, especially when you are prepared with transportation plans and backup plans. See below for easy ways to stay safe when it comes to drinking and driving.

  • Designate a sober driver before you go out or call a sober friend for a ride home.
  • Download cab and rideshare apps on your cell phone. Set up an account in the apps so that you can be ready to order a car when you need one.
  • Leave your car at home and take a rideshare or public transportation to your destination. If you do not have your vehicle, you will not be tempted to drive.
  • Decide not to drink if you are driving. If your plans change and you decide to drink, leave your car where it is and grab any of the aforementioned sober rides.
  • Make plans to spend the night somewhere else to avoid driving after you have been drinking.

DWI Consequences

DWI consequences vary depending on how many prior offenses you have had, whether or not your drinking and driving caused personal injuries or damaged property, and your level of blood or breath alcohol concentration (‘BAC’). If you are charged with a DWI, you may be facing license suspension, monetary fines, and jail.

Under some circumstances, you may have to install an ignition device that prevents your car from operating when you have been drinking. In addition to criminal consequences, DWIs also have secondary consequences that may impact other areas of your life, such as your current job status, job searches, and automobile insurance.

New Texas DWI Law

Under a new Texas law, first time DWI offenders may be eligible for deferred adjudication to avoid conviction. Some facts and circumstances, such as a BAC over .15, will exclude defendants from eligibility, however. There are also severe consequences for defendants who are convicted of subsequent DWIs after a deferred adjudication for a first DWI.

Texas DWI Attorney

Texas DWI attorney Aaron W. Perry knows that law enforcement officers are already out in greater force this holiday season, looking for intoxicated drivers. If your holiday celebrations include drinking alcohol, make sure that your plans do not also involve driving.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a DWI in Texas, contact our office at 713-393-7788 or online to schedule a consultation. Follow us on Facebook for information about our law firm and the services that we provide.