Attempted Murder Charges – Everything You Need To Know

Attempted Murder Charges
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In any given state in the US leave alone Houston, attempted murder charges are extremely serious. The very first thing one needs to do is hire a qualified professional and successful defense lawyer who has experience in attempted homicide cases. There is usually no time to waste and the sooner one has a capable lawyer, the better the chances of lower penalties.

When a prosecutor decides to file for attempted murder, it can be very subjective. The intentions of the suspect will determine whether or not the attempted murder charges will be filed. In order to prove that it was actually an attempted murder in court, there must be one or both of these elements.

· Demonstration of disregard for human life through reckless physical assault.

· The will to intentionally harm or kill another person.

The penalties

In most cases, the penalties for attempted murder depend on different circumstances of that particular case. However, in Houston, TX, the sentence for attempted murder charges is normally one degree less severe compared to a murder conviction. For this reason, one needs to locate a very knowledgeable and equally compassionate attorney.

One who will fight the charges vigorously on their behalf to ensure the best possible outcome. A criminal defense lawyer who has significant experience in jury trials and defending against homicide or murder charges is very important. Some of the penalties the felony conviction on an attempted murder case could incur are:

· Permanent criminal record.

· A fine of up to $10,000.

· Up to 20 years in prison.

In case the attempted murder charge was accompanied by other felony charges, the stakes go even higher. If there is a presence of other specialized circumstances, the penalties might escalate as well. However, even with dire circumstances, a seasoned attorney will not leave anything to chance and will cover every possible detail, evaluate it and then challenge it to help the case.

Defending against an attempted murder

One of the most important things attempted murder suspects needs to know is that they have a right to remain absolutely silent. This means that they should not say anything to any law enforcement officials until they consult with their defense attorney. The intention to commit the attempted murder is normally only a supposition until proven otherwise and a qualified attorney will challenge it with every means necessary.

The attorney will know the most effective strategies and how to employ them in order to challenge the case. They will challenge every aspect of any presumed preparations before the incident and all the assumptions that the suspect only failed to commit the intended murder.

Get help from a competent attorney

For a case as serious as attempted murder, what you would need in such a predicament, is a veteran criminal defense attorney. They will do everything within their power to prove that your intentions were not to commit murder. They will also come up with an effective strategy that could lead to either reduced charges or even a complete dismissal of the case.

Contact the law offices of Aaron W. Perry today to see how we can help with your case.