Drug Possession: What You Should Not Do If Being Arrested

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Being pulled over by an officer of the law could be a nerve wrecking experience. However, what would be even worse than that is being arrested on the suspicion of drug possession, especially in Texas. Texas has very strict drug possession laws and for a conviction of possession, you could be facing jail time, fines, probation and a suspension of your driver’s license for 6 months.

Here are some of the things you will need to avoid so you don’t complicate your case any more than it needs to be if charged with drug possession:

Do not offer the police any information

You do have a right to be silent so take full advantage. It is critical that you do not offer the police any more information than they actually need. The only thing you should offer is your identification like your name and address. At this point, you should not lie, despite the temptation to actually do so, it will only lead you in more problems.

Be truthful about who you are. Other than that, it is also very important that you do not resist arrest. Understand one thing, if the officer has any reason to take you in for a drug arrest, regardless of your resistance, they will take you in. Make things easy and avoid additional charges by being cooperative.

Do not allow a search

Police officers can be quite intimidating, especially when you do not know your rights and you might be tempted to cave in and allow them to search your house, vehicle or wherever you are. Most people think that the police, being the police, have the authority to do this while other just fear them and allow it.

The police need to have a search warrant before they search any of your properties for any illegal possessions. If the police go on to search even though you did not consent to it, the defense attorney you hire will challenge the lawfulness of a search and make any evidence they collected invalid in court.

Do not admit to drug possession

This is another common mistake most people make when faced with a drug arrest. If the police search you or your property, either with or without a consent, and find illegal drugs or items on you, the worst mistake you could make is actually admit that they belong to you. The police will definitely pressure you into admitting something or asking you contradicting questions so that you can make a slip.

They will tell you how better things will be when you cooperate but things don’t turn out like that. If something illegal is found in your possession, don’t say anything or tell the police that you will only speak when you have an attorney present. Admitting to the possessions belonging to you will be impossible for your attorney to challenge in court. Along these lines, refuse to take a lie detector test as well.

What should you do?

As soon as you are taken in on a drug arrest, it is of absolute importance that you hire a professional and competent criminal defense attorney in Texas. Regardless of how minor your case might seem, it could change your life and not for the better. A knowledgeable attorney will save you from a lot of trouble.